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Student Speakers 2014

This is your stage! This is your opportunity to have your voice heard by the mass public. Share with us your views or thoughts on the topics given and inspire more people through your talk. Join us today! Submit your paper now. Read the submission guidelines for more information.

Available Topics

  1. Leadership Skills for the Here and Now
  2. Transformational and Active Transactional Leadership
  3. The Relationship between Leadership and Follower in-role Performance
  4. Gender and Leadership
  5. Understanding the Learning Tactics of College Students and their Relationship to Leadership
  6. Psychoanalytic Contributions to Authority & Leadership Issues
  7. Leadership as an Exercise in Virtual Reality
  8. Leader: Influence Tactics
  9. Perceptions of Transformational Leadership
  10. Leadership Liabilities
  11. Exploring the Relationship between Learning and Leadership
  12. Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership
  13. Are Ethical Theories relevant for Ethical Leadership
  14. Distinguishing between Transformational and Servant Leadership

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership
by William Xue Yang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Path to Leadership
by Jaime Gunter & Mark Reuben, KDU College Penang
The Practice of Different Influence Tactics in the Workplace and its Effects on Leaders and Employees
by Oon Xin Jia & Yvonne Lynn, KDU College Penang
Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership
by Muzammil Ahmad Nahboo Solim & Nur Hafizah, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia