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Speakers & Programmes

Keynote Speaker - Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng

A warm greeting to all the delegates and bright minds of the future. I would like to thank KDU College for initiating this special initiative with the theme "Tomorrow's Leaders: To inspire, to be inspired".

I would like to record my special appreciation to fellow distinguished speakers who will be sharing their precious experience with the future bright minds.

I am very glad to see this conference to go global by bringing in students from different countries. In light of this I would like to extend my warmest welcome to students from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, China and India.

This conference can serve as a hub for future bright minds to explore, exchange and interact a cross cultures and countries for better ideas for the future. I congratulate all delegates of ISC 2013 on your support in this initiative. May this birthplace of inspiration will inspire you towards a better future. Keep moving forward and keep inspiring!